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GOGOHuman Limited is opening its doors to people who would like to start their own online multi-vendor Startups.
We have worked very hard for the last 2 years, creating infrastructure & tools, online courses & strategies, for online multi-vendor/marketplace type of startups.
We are calling for all experts within their niches. Who has direct knowledge of the niche and can influence executive decisions, motivate other co-founders, work on preparation and execution of presentations.

For example, we have partnered with Yana & Robert, who have been exercising yoga, vegetarian & raw food diets for over 6 years.
This expertise was enough to ski-rocket the Startup <a href=”//”>NearestLeaf</a>.

Here is another example:
We have partnered with Julia &amp; Andrew for a pet related website. Yulia is professional dog breeder &amp; Andrew is an expert marketer, both have an expertise in excess of 10 years.

Apply for this opportunity, to find out more &amp; to get access to our free introductory course for Founders on <a href=””></a>


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  • Company Location Edinburgh
  • Business Address 15 Gentle's Entry Edinburgh United Kingdom EH88PD
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