I deeply condemn terrorists, their beliefs and acts around the world, and I also believe that the only way these vicious individuals and organisations have power is by radicalising our youth to their advantage and they will continue to manipulate the young and/or impressionable until people of the whole world unite and teach them otherwise. We all have the responsibility to educate our young to become righteous and tolerant people who appreciate and value human life. Our children must be protected from these evil and radical terrorists and their bizarre spiritual promises as no true religion teaches violence.  Nobody can change the world for the better and achieve truly rewarding results by using terror. However we can all make the world a better place by teaching and using love, hard work and consideration for others instead of hatred and fear. We have created this function to help people spread the message via social media, with the hope that this will support all victims of terrorism around the world and allow people to live together in harmony, without the fear of violence.

Sergei Pavlov CEO


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